Dr. Jason Vogel
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Forest Science
MSc, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Forest Ecology
BSc, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Forest and Soil Science

Research Interests: Tree growth and carbon allocation, root growth and respiration, controls on soil carbon storage (soil microbial respiration, decomposition, rates of root C inputs to soil), controls on nutrient availability. Curriculum vitae
Afilliated Projects:
PineMap Project
Forest Biology Research Cooperative
Stable Isotopes for Biosphere Science

Graduate Students

Ignacie TumushimeIgnacie Tumushime
Graduate Student

MSc Degree in Agronomic Sciences and Biological Engineering (0ption: Pedology). Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux (Belgium) in November 2004.

BSc in Soil Science and Rural Engineering at National University of Rwanda in February 2002.

Research Interests: Ignacie has worked in the field of Soil Science in her home country of Rwanda in the past. Her thesis theme (for MSc Degree) was on soil chemistry and fertilization of acidic soils. Her future research interest will be the application of the soil science principles to the environmental protection more specifically the causal relationship between the carbon, nitrogen and other nutrients cycling and the global warming and the climate change.

Yang Zhang
PhD Student

Elizabeth Wilson
MSc Student

Eboni Hall
PhD Student

Undergraduate Students

Madison Wigley

Cody Franklin

Kenneth Evans

Research Assistants

Timothy Rogers

Jeff Hartman

Adam Marquis


Lu Zhai
MSc 2013
Now at the University of Miami pursuing his PhD

Greg Nagel
Undergraduate Assistant

Amanda Hancock
Undergraduate Assistant

Lara Franco
Research Assistant

Eileen Cook
Undergraduate Student

Amanda Bryant
Undergraduate Assistant

Justin Whisenant
Undergraduate Research Scholar

Thesis:Microbial respiration response to N and P availability in loblolly pine forest soils

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